1 in 3 adults struggle to sleep 7 hours per night.

SLEEPZZZ 7 NIGHTS® relieves symptoms of mild anxiety to reduce sleeplessness. Variants of this traditional herbal medicine has been recommended by German pharmacists for 150 years. It is now available across Australia in 700+ independent pharmacies with a focus on the health and wellbeing of their local community.

If you’ve been struggling to sleep for a while, it’s an awesome feeling to get more deep sleep.

To get your 2 week’s FREE supply of SLEEPZZZ 7 NIGHTS®, start by filling out the form below to receive an SMS link to the sign-up page.

Then pop over to your local independent pharmacy and ask where the display box is in their store (normally it’s near the cash registers), then just take a photo with your phone.

Next, use the SMS link to upload your photo. On completion we’ll then pop your package in the post saving you the grand sum of $17.43!

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SLEEPZZZ 7 NIGHTS® is a nice, natural alternative that relieves mild anxiety and calms to the mind to gradually help people get their REM sleep:

  • Helps you sleep deeper, and stay asleep for longer
  • Doesn't leave you drowsy in the morning
  • Has no side effects or addiction issues
  • Has no known interactions with other medicines
  • 5-star reviews from many customers that have manage to wean themselves off prescriptions

We're easy to find!

SLEEPZZZ is now available in 700+ community pharmacies, chemists, health food and neighbourhood convenience stores across Australia, including some but not all stores with these retail chains.

You can also use the map below to search for your nearest stockist.


    • SLEEPZZZ® 7 NIGHTS aids sleep in adults and children 14+
    • Relieves symptoms of mild anxiety and sleeplessness
    • Naturopathic medicine recommended by pharmacists in Germany for 150+ years
    • Synergistic combination with hop, valerian and gentian
    • Contains only natural active ingredients that leave you refreshed in the mornings


    SLEEPZZZ® 7 NIGHTS contains 7 tablets to help reduce mild anxiety to aid a good night's sleep without any of the side effects you can get from sleep medications on prescription.

    You can trial a multipack of five blisters of SLEEPZZZ® 7 NIGHTS to help you dream softly for a full 5 weeks for just $26.45.

    No prescription is required.

Real Voices, Real Experiences: Customer Testimonials

Based on 123 reviews
Excellent Products

Have only been using SLEEPZZZ for just over a week, and already I am sleeping better, so I have just placed a subscription order so I never run out. Highly recommended!

SLEEPZZZ 7 NIGHTS® 5-week pack
dominique bourrigan
much better sleep

I have been sleeping much better since I started Sleepzzz 4 weeks ago. Even if I need to get up fot the loo am able to fall asleep again very quickly. I definitely recommend sleepzzz

Very Happy customer.

I have been using Sleepzzz for quite a few months now and have just received my 10 week supply with great confidence.. it’s a Godsend to me. I highly recommend this product.

What Im learning from this it requires you to get a good sleep higene in place and helps you to fall asleep without the use of sleepers from the doctors I was on this for over 35 years thanks for giving me my life back I have to take two though x

Absolutely love Sleepzzz, I'm obsessed 😍

Worth a try

I have a chronic insomia and it has been really bad for the last 2 years that i only get 30 mins to an hour sleep between 4 am to 8 am and there are nights that i don't get to sleep at all. So i gave this tablet a try. It did not work at first but i kept tryinbg and i think it helps me now because i am getting more than 4 hrs or more sleep at night for the last 2 weeks now though i wake up in between but i end up falling asleep again so yeah. I will continue using it.

Excellent quality and really does help. Have tried lots of different remedies but this hits the spot. Actually staying asleep a wee bit long. It's worth a try


Finally a sleep promise that is true to its word!

Absolutely amazing sleepzzz

I’ve tried countless sleeping tablets just trying to get a good nights rest as a busy person, nothings worked but then I found Sleepzzz. I’ve been sleeping wonderfully ever since and recommend it to all my friends and family.

My best product for sleep

Sleepzzz are so awesome for my sleeping at night and I still feel refreshed in the morning

Love Sleepzzz

Love Sleepzzz I was taking prescription sleep meds I would wake up the next morning feeling groggy and tired for most of the day since starting on sleepzzz I feel better in the morning and it doesn’t take me ages to fall asleep at night and I get a good sleep I have now started my husband and sister on them. Highly recommend.

gradual improvement

It is early stages for me, so not 100% sure if they will do what I hope but I have experienced a better quality sleep even though still interrupted. I will continue to use them as I have noticed feeling calmer and more focused during the day plus a better mental attitude so that is a big plus for me. I'm also appreciative of the helpful information that comes with it

Highly recommend these. Feel fantastic the next day.

They work most of the time , still trying

Instant results

Walked into my local health food shop looking for a natural product and the guy behind the counter says ‘people are raving about these, give it a go’. I bought 2 weeks worth and slept like a log every night, to the point I felt a bit off the first few mornings cos I actually slept - my body didn’t know what was going on. Ordered the big box online and haven’t looked back. After 17 years of rearing 5 kids and becoming a light sleeper, it’s absolute heaven. Thanks for helping my sanity!!

I found these tablets to be amazing. Just take one tablet an hour before bed and I go to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Wake up refreshed and not groggy at all. Highly recommend sleepzzz.

IT WORKS !! :) :)

I am very glad I discovered this NATURAL sleep aiding product :)
I now sleep a full 6 to 7 hours a night and recommend it HIGHLY with much THANKS


Tried the well known brands none worked saw sleepzzz online tried the trial pack and it works not sure why it works but it does.
Have now purchased the 25packs. Try it you won't be disappointed.

SLEEPZZZ are great

These tablets helped me give up my sleep medication which I was on due to chronic insomnia.
Knowing they have natural ingredients is a bonus. I am more relaxed and wake up happy🙂 after a good sleep.

Sleepzzz don't give me an upset stomach

Af first it took me a while to get to sleep but now I always drift off - they don’t give me an upset stomach like some sleeping tablets do. I’ll continue to use them 💤

Sleeping better

Since taking sleepzzz I have found that I am falling asleep easier and are having a sounder sleep, still waking but going back to sleep

Great product

I have been using Sleepzzz for a week now and have noticed results, I suffer from RLS and usually get up at least 5 times a night, in the past week this has been reduced to 2 times most nights, hopefully over time this will improve even more. Thankyou Sleepzzz, I have also been using Magnesium citrate powder as you suggested.

Best find since slice bread!!

Omg did not think I would have a good night sleep after so many
years of sleeping badly. Would wake up about 4 times a night usually the 3am mark. Now with sleepzzz I’m only waking up to go to the loo. I’m getting to bed earlier and even dreaming. I don’t think I’ve dreamed for a long time. Feel a lot fresher during the day without the 3pm slump.

I was skeptical at first...

I've tried a few and they didn't work but Sleepzzz actually started working by the 2nd week. Now, I'm not saying that it knocked me out for 8 hours straight but it did give me a deeper sleep than usual. Plus I was able to fall back to sleep after waking up. I've got severe insomnia and I have actually been getting a deeper sleep with Sleepzzz.

For me, being well hydrated before going to bed seemed to do the trick. Take Sleepzzz with at least a full glass of water and then go to bed within the hour. It actually seems to work!

I was going to cancel my subscription before my 5 week supply ran out but since it started working, I will keep going with it and give it a fair go.