SLEEPZZZ works, nicely. (Without any nasty stuff.)

SLEEPZZZ works, nicely. (Without any nasty stuff.)

Once upon a time we were just kids. Our lives as children were full of school, sports and furry best friends. We didn't seemingly have much to worry about beyond bad school grades. The world out there was a far away place.

None of us had mates taking pills to calm anxiety, or improve our mood. As teenagers some of us, I guess, asked why we had to test cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and detergents on animals. Adults mainly used herbal teas and alcohol to help them sleep. 

Our team believe that good sleep patterns can generally be realised within the community at large with steady routines and a few well-chosen medicinal herbs. Variations of the SLEEPZZZ formulation have been sold through European pharmacies for 150 years. At least.

Valerian roots and flowers are harvested by hand each year. Hop coming along at the end of the summer. All rather natural, not at all addictive, and never tested on guinea pigs. 

SLEEPZZZ works, nicely. (Without any nasty stuff.)

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