Inner brain natural sleep rhythm

"Nudge your inner brain back into a natural sleep rhythm."

When you struggle with sleeplessness you'll likely walk into a local pharmacy for help. The pharmacist will then recommend a low dose non-prescription analgesic for $10.

Analgesics only knock you out for a few days, and don't give you much deep REM sleep, so after a few weeks you'll be stressed and exhausted and visit your GP.  Your doctor will see you're in a state and suggest a prescription sedative such as diazepam or zolpidem to knock you out at bedtime.
Prescription sedatives don't however help you feel rested - often leading to poor short-term memory, a lack of concentration, and mood swings - so after 2 - 3 months you'll likely pop along to a local naturopath for a holistic solution. 

The naturopath will detect you're struggling to concentrate and suggest a mixture of many different high-dose herbs that mimic the strong sedatives - "chemical hammer!" - effect of prescription sleep medicines. Often at this stage you'll also need a 2 - 6 weeks off work to rest, recuperate and slowly recharge. 

In our view these are three heavyweight options that unbalance the brain - often leading to longer term problems with mood, memory, and concentration.

Our experience is that less is more!

SLEEPZZZ 7 NIGHTS is a formulation that very gently "nudges" your inner brain back into a natural rhythm of sunsets and sunrises.

Variations of the current formulation have been recommended by German pharmacists for more than 200 years.

The synergistic formula of natural herbal extracts is proven to help
 reduce mild anxiety and aid a restful night’s sleep. 
And yet there's nothing in the product formulation that will overpower the circadian clock in your brain.

Each blister pack of SLEEPZZZ 7 NIGHTS contains 7 tablets that gently nudges  your sleep patterns back to their normal ebb and flow

Dream softly, busy bees.

😴 😴
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