Is there a herb or plant that helps you sleep?

Is there a herb or plant that helps you sleep?

Is there a herb or plant that helps you sleep?

Humans are known to have struggled to sleep for hundreds of years.

Up until about 70 years ago the only options at a pharmacy were herbs, either sold as teas or compounded into capsules. (It's only really been since the 1970s that chemicals on prescription have been used to force sleep.)

The herbs with the best results were described in a #doctor's book called the #Pharmacopeia. This huge book detailed the parts of the plant to use, the amount of the plant and often even the time of the year the plant should be harvested.

Humulus lupulus was always a favourite plant to help young and old people. It's been used for at least 300 years to improve mood, reduce mild anxiety and allow young and old to sleep easier.

Each part of the Humulus plant has a differing effect on the body, whilst harvesting at different times of the annual cycle generates variations for botanical experts to create bespoke formulations in liquids and tablets.

Many of the best Humulus herbal formulations are called 'full spectrum' extracts which means they utilise more of the deep inner power of the plant.

Do you have a favourite herb, plant or other ingredient that helps you sleep?




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