How do airline pilots avoid jet lag? 5 top tips for flying west for flying from Sydney to London via Singapore.

How do airline pilots avoid jet lag? 5 top tips for flying west for flying from Sydney to London via Singapore.

This ‘#pilot hack’ to avoid #jetlag differs on whether you go #aroundtheworld east to west or the other way. Here are 5 top tips for flying west, for example, from #Sydney (Syd) to #London (Ldn):

1. Fly from Syd to 
#Singapore (Sg) on late afternoon flight with an arrival time late in the evening. Stay 24 hours in Sg and #sleep overnight like the locals. Enjoy the day and then take the night flight from Sg to Ldn arriving around 6am. Night flights and early morning arrivals are by far the easiest if you manage to sleep for 6 or more hours at a stretch and arrive in the early morning.

2. Only drink water & lemon juice for 2 days prior to the first flight until 2 days after arrival at your final destination. This will keep you #hydrated but help keep your stomach working well. Bring a gym bottle with you and ask the #flight #crew to keep it filled. Drink >5 liters each 24 hours when flying.

3. Adjust your meals already a day or two ahead from Sg onwards so that you are eating breakfast at the right time for London. In Sg have breakfast at 4pm which is 8am in Ldn. After that just snack to minimise hunger rather than eating main meals. Avoid alcohol, sugary drinks, bread and salty nuts.

4. Avoid sunlight and bright lights for 2 days before your first flight. Wear shades and a cap after that, also in Sg, and don’t look out the window of the plane. On arrival in Ldn at 6am, go for a long walk outside in the fresh air about 8am with no cap or shades. If possible have a light protein-rich breakfast outside too. Avoid coffee or #caffeine until early afternoon.

5. Plan your #sleep & control your body clock like a Pro. Except for the hotel night in Singapore and the last 7 hrs of the flight into London, you should not have naps longer than 90 min #siesta. Set your alarm and ask the #airline #flight #crew or companion to wake you.

Take #SLEEPZZZ tablets at these times to help you fall in and out of natural sleep cycles without side effects or fuss.

Pre-flight night - Take 2 tablets @ 8pm

Flight 1: 4pm Sydney to midnight in Singapore - Take 2 tablets 1 hour after you've had your flight meal

Flight 2: 12am in Singapore on leaving - Take 2 tablets 5 hours into the flight

For a week after arrival in London - Take 2 tablets 8pm (bed by 10pm) each night and then reduce again back to 1 tablet each night.



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