Be our guest. Stay awhile ...

Be our guest. Stay awhile ...

Be our guest. Stay awhile ...

Receptionist: "Hello, again! How long are you with us this time?" Guest: "Just until Sunday. I wish I could stay longer."

Receptionist: "We’ve reserved the garden room for you again. OK?”

Guest: “Yes, perfect.”

Receptionist: “We’ve given you the fluffy pillows you like, put your favourite beers in the fridge, removed the chocolate bars and left some sleepzzz with the teas. Anything else? Do you want a wake-up call or should we let you sleep in?”

Guest: “Let me sleep in tomorrow.”

Receptionist: “I’ll tell housekeeping to do your room after lunch. See how you go …"

- - -

SLEEPZZZ is traditional herbal medicine the relieves the symptoms of milk anxiety to aid sleep. It can be sold in hotels, bed & breakfasts and AirBnBs, as well as pharmacies or convenience stores. No prescription or advice from a pharmacist is required. No side effects are known or to be expected. Not to be used when driving or using machinery. 






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