Does blue light stop you sleeping?

Does blue light stop you sleeping?

Does blue light stop you sleeping?

If you have an iphone you’ll know that Apple think so. New settings reduce the amount of blue light you see as the evening progresses, whether you’re working on an iMac, iPad or iPhone. This seemed a neat solution. Problem solved.

But don’t go for a nap just yet as new scientific research from the University of Manchester suggests that blue light is not the entire problem. Lead scientist Dr Tim Brown suggests that bright blue light is the stimulus that keeps you awake. But when artificial light is softer blue actually works better than yellow if you want to go to sleep. You heard it here first!

Try this week to reduce the light intensity on all your screens and see if that works better than last week.

If you’re taking SLEEPZZZ before bed at night keep going and try and watch the clock a little. A tablet around 9pm and hitting the pillow by 10pm should get you a good 8 hours rest and time for an early run before work.


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