“Took SLEEPZZZ last night,
slept through the night
and woke up feeling amazing.”




  • Take just 1 tablet 1 hour before bed to aid asleep
  • Contains 3 powerful herbal extracts that work together to reduce mild anxiety
  • 5/5 star reviews from customers just like you
  • In Australia a SLEEPZZZ subscription costs just 62 cents for a great night's sleep!

"How often are you feeling tired during the day?"

Another day, another bad night of sleep.

That awful alarm goes off.

Your hand reaches out and …  *snooze*

You roll around trying to wake up for hours …

Finally you pull yourself out of bed and look at the time.

Late for work!

You’re still groggy but you have no other option than to rush towards work.

Even though you’re trying to make the best out of it - you feel weak, tired and most importantly … 

Not motivated for the day.

You can’t live your life like this!

As Matthew Walker, author of “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” put it:

“When sleep is abundant, minds flourish. When it is deficient, they don't.”

Our carefully put together formulation of 3 active herbal ingredients will help you sleep like a baby again!

SLEEPZZZ takes the ‘busyness’ out of your mind and relaxes your body to aid a good night’s sleep.

"Works despite my insomnia"

“At 40 years of age I’ve battled insomnia as far back as I can remember as an ADHD comorbidity - having tried many sleep aids from the common to prescription medication Sleepzzz does a great job without leaving me feeling terrible the next day.”

Garry Carter - 8/30/2022

"Pharmacist was right"

“I bought this product on the advice of a pharmacist in Sydney. He loved it. I was sleeping 4 to 5 hours, now it's back to 7/8 hours each night.”

Mark M. - 5/28/2022

"Only thing that’s worked for me!"

Get rid of those generic “knock-you-out” sleeping pills that make you feel like death in the morning and get these!!”

Christian Normington - 8/27/2022

What they don’t tell you about prescription sleep medicines …

Chances are that you have tried several sleep remedies to aid your night’s sleep.

You may have even been prescribed medication by your family doctor or GP …

Or …

You’re planning on getting prescribed medication.

If so, this will interest you!

Most prescription sleeping pills are strong chemical sedatives …

That might sound harmless but this sedative effect works all night and much of the following day too.

This drowsy and groggy feeling - or as some have put it “feeling like death” continues when you wake up!

You might get your 8 hours of shuteye but you're still left with the feeling of trying to wake up all day long.

So from someone who has experienced both: “Get rid of those generic “knock-you-out” sleeping pills that make you feel like death in the morning and get these!!”

... how you go from mild anxiety to sleeplessness ...

There won't be a single thing keeping you from having a good night's sleep.

Many sleep remedies are proven to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

These same remedies often come with many nasty side effects that don’t weigh out the pros. 

So …

How do we gain all the pros without any cons?

The answer is simple …

Mother nature!

The one who gave us sleep, has gifted us several natural remedies to help us have a good night’s rest. 

3 plants to be more specific!

Humulus lupulus, Valeriana officinalis and Gentiana lutea.

And in combination with today’s technology, we have created the perfect mixture of herbal ingredients to optimise your sleep!

Each tablet contains a German synergistic long researched formulation which includes standardised herbal extracts …

Just so you can feel refreshed in the morning, finally feel satisfied with your sleep and on top of all …

Function perfectly throughout the day without feeling groggy!

What will it be like?

Just imagine one full week of fully rested and energised days…

What would that do for you?

Take a moment to really think about this…

If you’ve answered this question, imagine what no more bad sleeping days would be like!

This all is possible with SLEEPZZZ!

Now imagine this.

It’s Sunday evening …

You finally receive your SLEEPZZZ package …

1 hour before bed you take one small pill.

You get into bed and without you even noticing it; silence…

Your mind is no longer going 100 kph, it’s standing still.

And before you even know it you’re asleep.

Hours without waking up fly by and as that 7-8 hour mark passes you hear your alarm go off!

Without even thinking about it you step out of bed!

Fully energised and refreshed …

Ready to conquer the day!

That’s what SLEEPZZZ does for you.

Are you ready?

Slept like a baby

“I have no trouble falling asleep but I struggle to stay asleep. But SLEEPZZZ had been my saviour. I now sleep the whole night and do not wake up groggy the next morning. Highly recommend before the extremes of medicating to sleep.” 

Karla - 8/25/2022

Excellent product

“Very happy with SLEEPZZZ, have taken many prescriptions and natural remedies to help sleep over the years. Found these to be very effective.” 

Irene Walklett - 8/11/2022


“For me, this product is helping me sleep. I don’t have insomnia but that post menopause sleeping issue. Very happy!”

Linda Barbara - 7/21/2022

How much more will you risk before taking action?

All those benefits!

And at what price?

A little less than A$0.67 per day!

67 cents for a good night’s sleep …

Just imagine what your life will be like after finally getting the sleep you deserve…

Get your SLEEPZZZ 7 NIGHTS now and start sleeping like a baby!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy SLEEPZZZ?

You can order online and if you feel like using some leg muscles, you can also buy it across Australia at pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and in hotels, motels and AirBnB’s.

What is your shipping time?

Orders during office hours are shipped the same day with Australia Post. Deliveries are usually within 1-2 days if you live in a larger town or city and within 4-5 days if you live in regional Australia.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, it consists of 3 herbs brought to us by mother nature. 

Are there any side effects?

No prescription nor advice from a pharmacist is required. No side effects are known or to be expected.

Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, it is, but we recommend that you read the included label. 

How much are the shipping costs?

Since we don’t store our product in bottles like most brands do, we can ship the tablets to you through letter mail! 

Depending on your region it is likely free, if not. it's still going to be extremely low.