1 in 3 hotel guests could use help getting to sleep

1 in 3 hotel guests could use help getting to sleep

1 in 3 hotel guests could use help going to sleep

After a long flight or endless drive on arrival at your hotel you're desperate for a shower and a long nap.

You can tell a great hotel if they do some or all of the the following to ensure a long night's sleep:

1. A great mattress that supports the lower back without feeling hard on the shoulders.

2. Pillows that support the head without twisting the neck up. 

3. Bedding that keeps your body without giving you hot feet.

4. Curtains or blinds that seal out all the light in the early morning.

5. A bathroom design that allows you to enter, close the door and then turn on the light. There's nothing worse than a partner waking you up five times a night.

6. Chamomile tea bags or valerian/hop tablets/chews in or near the minibar.

7. Do not disturb signs on the door and a 'quiet' sign in the corridor.

8. A room telephone that does not have lots of LED lights.

9. A blindfold and earplugs in the bathroom pack of guests that arrive by airplane.

10. Good gin in the minibar.

When did you last find it hard to sleep in a hotel?

SLEEPZZZ 7 NIGHTS is the perfect herbal formulation for busy bees who want to dream softly until sunrise.

The 7 tablet SLEEPZZZ blister pack is enough for a week. Each tablet relieves you of the mild anxiety caused by staying somewhere new and aids a restful sleep.

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